Bratov Sign Ltd operates with high quality machinery:

  • Solvent printer Seiko Colorpainter 64s, width up to 165cm High-quality printing on vinyl, paper, mesh, canvas, etc.

  • Automatic channel letter bending machine.


  • Plexiglass bending machine. Ideal for manufacturing of stands and other Plexiglass items.


  • Computer-controlled milling machine /CNC ROUTER/ with work surface of 130/240 cm, Using the variety of milling bits we are able to cut, engrave and mill wood, Plexiglass, PVC, MDF. ETALBOND, etc.


  • Machine for laser cutting and engraving with working surface 1.50/1.20 m. Perfect solution for cutting of Plexiglass, wood, leather, etc.



  • Vacuum Forming Machine


  • Textile stamping foil press


  • Cutting plotter MIMAKI-GG 60 ST 


  • Channel letter notcher  with aluminum profiles


  • Powder Coating Technology